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23 October 2011. phc version (ChangeLog) has been released. It fixes a packaging error in version 0.3.0.

20 September 2011. phc version 0.3.0 (ChangeLog) has been released.

22 September 2010. phc version is deprecated, do not use it. Use svn trunk instead.

21 September 2010. We have merged the dataflow branch into trunk, providing optimization to your compiled code. We are planning a release with this in the near future. Try svn trunk to test it out.

15 February 2009. phc version (ChangeLog) has been released. It resolved a packaging error in version which prevented phc from building if the PHP embed SAPI was not used. We also repackaged to fix the problem.

28 January 2009. Due to a bug in phc version, we have released version Download it or see the ChangeLog for more details.

15 January 2009. Due to a severe bug in phc version 0.2.0, we have released version Download it or see the ChangeLog for more details.

10 December 2008. phc version 0.2.0 has been released! This is the first release to support compiling PHP code, and supports nearly all features (except OO). Read the ChangeLog for more details.

21 October 2008. The first beta release of phc version 0.2.0 has been made available. Changes since the alpha include fixing garbage collection in the compiler, and bringing the documentation up-to-date. Read the announcement for more details.

12 October 2008. As part of a push for greater contributions to phc, the php-internals mailing list has been opened up for general membership.

21 September 2008. has been given an overhaul. Although most of the changes are behind the scenes, we've added a contribution page, to make it easier for potential contributors to contribute to phc.

21 September 2008. The first alpha release of phc version 0.2.0 has been made available. The major change is this is the first version which compiles PHP code into an executable, or into a C extension. This allows speed-ups of approximately 1.50 (programs takes 33% less time to run).

17 January 2007. The phc SVN repository is now publicly available. Read the announcement for more details.

8 September 2006. We are delighted to announce the first spin-off based on phc. Written by Daniel Barreiro, it embeds HTML/XML into PHP. See spinoffs for details. In further news, we have released version 0.1.7 as no major programs were reported in 0.1.7rc2, and we have added a new article on writing a reentrant parser with Bison and Flex.

21 July 2006. Fixed a few (minor) user-reported bugs in 0.1.7rc2.

13 July 2006. Released version 0.1.7rc1. We now support extending phc through plugins: it is no longer necessary to re-compile phc to add functionality to it! This also should make binary packages for phc much more useful. See the ChangeLog for more details.

7 July 2006. Bugfix (0.1.6rc2). Scripts with open ended PHP (no closing tag) had an extraneous echo at the end; also, use of identifiers as array indices inside strings caused the identifier to be duplicated in the string to follow the variable access.

4 July 2006. After a long period of no releases, we are happy to announce version 0.1.6rc1. New in this release are an improved tree transformation API, support for pattern matching on AST nodes, an XML unparser, and various other features and bugfixes. As always, see ChangeLog for details.

27 January 2006. Version 0.1.5 did not compile on systems with old versions of Flex. Our apologies. This is solved in

26 January 2006. Version 0.1.5 released. phc is now released under the BSD license. This release also contains numerous minor feature enhancements and bug fixes; see ChangeLog for details.

9 January 2006. Lots of minor feature enhancements. See ChangeLog for details. IMPORTANT: this release is not downwards compatible with the previous!

1 December 2005. Bug fix. Null vectors are now unparsed properly by the dot unparser, and Windows-style line-breaks are handled properly.

17 November 2005. Added functionality to the TreeTransform API to modify the traversal order. See Tutorial 5 for details.

2 November 2005. Bug fix. Strings containing variables were not parsed correctly; corrected in release 0.1.1.

29 September 2005. First release of phc! This release offers the framework for modifying PHP (parser, unparser, tree transformation interface) but as yet nothing else.